Crypx researches and provides basic information on many ICOs available to the public market. Crypx also produces detailed statistics on ICO projects, including community participation, social trends, influencer metrics and other objective data. Crypx’s goal is to provide unbiased information, allowing general ICO researchers access to useful analytics.

Symbol Project Description ICO Start ICO End Status
MIRA Mira easy and quick way of buying, holding and exchanging cryptoassets in a secure way 11/27/17 11/29/17 Upcoming
BIO BioCoin BioCoin creates a bustling ecosystem that supports local communities and green businesses 11/01/17 12/01/17 Open
WYS wys Token Blockchain-powered mobile shopping 11/01/17 12/01/17 Upcoming
ROK Rockchain Distributed data intelligence platform 11/01/17 12/01/17 Open
ELP Elpis Artificial intelligence crypto-assets investment fund 02/01/18 03/30/18 Upcoming
AHC ScriptDrop Foundation for patient interaction data 11/01/17 11/14/17 Open
DTT Dream Team Esports and gaming recruitment and management platform 11/20/17 11/24/17 Upcoming
AID AidCoin Token for charitable giving, built on Ethereum Blockchain and empowered by CharityStars 12/15/17 12/30/17 Upcoming
BETX BetBox AI-driven Hedge Fund 12/05/17 01/16/17 Upcoming
NTK Neuromation Distributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications 11/28/17 01/01/18 Upcoming
WABI Wabi Connects physical and digital 11/28/17 01/28/17 Upcoming
STQ Storiqa Global marketplace for a local business powered by Blockchain 11/28/17 12/28/17 Upcoming
AMLT AMLT by Coinfirm The token of compliance 11/28/17 12/31/17 Upcoming
CCO Ccore Crypto Payment Platform allowing use of Altoins 11/09/17 11/30/17 Upcoming
TREE Moneytree Social Media Platform 12/01/17 01/01/18 Upcoming
MAT MiniApps Chatbot platform and blockchain-based marketplace for chatbot developers, their clients and partners. 10/18/17 12/18/17 Open
FAP Fapcoin Adult marketplace for both physical and digital products 09/15/17 10/31/17 Closed
AMM MicroMoney Blockchain Credit Bureau and Microfinance lending. 10/17/17 11/17/17 Open
AKASHA Akasha A Next-Generation Social Media Network powered by Ethereum and using IPFS TBA TBA Upcoming
SFX Soferox Development platform 10/01/17 11/01/17 Open
ICX ICON A decentralized network connecting independent blockchains. 09/18/17 10/20/17 Closed
ELT Eloplay Esports platform with decentalized prize pools. Created for players and brands. 10/16/17 11/15/17 Open
BBT BitBoost Decentralised e-commerce marketplace, designed for privacy and low fees. 10/10/17 11/09/17 Open
LOAN Lendoit The Next Generation of Decentralized P2P Lending Platforms 12/13/17 01/13/18 Upcoming
EQL Librium The hybrid freelance marketplace 12/08/17 01/08/18 Upcoming
LOCI Loci Coin Patent and invention process in blockchain 12/08/17 12/31/17 Upcoming
ARX ArtEx Global Global art work platform based om blockchain technology 12/05/17 12/24/17 Upcoming
DALA Wala Financial Platform A financial platform for emerging markets 12/01/17 12/11/17 Upcoming
ODMC ODMCoin Investment blockchain option the Oil and Gas sector 12/01/17 12/31/17 Upcoming
LEAP Leap eSports federation powered by blockchain and smart contracts TBA TBA Upcoming
ZEN Zen Protocol A blockchain built for finance 11/30/17 12/30/17 Upcoming
ACAD Academy Coin revolutionize how creators protect and deliver their content to followers 11/01/17 11/30/17 Open
FLIP Flip Crypto-token for buying and selling gaming digital goods 11/28/17 11/30/17 Upcoming
ZONTO Zonto ZONTO is a complex of software products which brings together business and clients. 09/12/17 10/12/17 Upcoming
VNN VentureOn decentralized investing in start-ups 11/01/17 11/30/17 Open
PRIX Privatix First Internet Broadband Marketplace powered by P2P VPN Network on Blockchain 10/19/17 11/16/17 Upcoming
PAX Praetorian Group Cryptocurrency ecosystem backed by real property 12/01/17 12/31/17 Upcoming
B2BX B2Broker Cryptocurrency liquidity for brokers, stock exchanges, hedge funds and other institutional clients 10/02/17 11/17/17 Open
PLM The autonomous algorithmic trading blockchain pool 11/01/17 12/10/17 Open
DARF DARFChain Interplanetary ERP-based ecosystem for fiat currency free economy TBA TBA Upcoming
GRCE Grace Future of charity fundraising TBA TBA Upcoming
XRED XRED Foundation Cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investment 11/01/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
12 Midnight Greenwich Trading Buy on odd days and sell on even days. TBA TBA Open
PKT Playkey Decentralized cloud gaming 11/01/17 11/30/17 Open
unknown 0xProject 0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. TBA TBA Upcoming
ABJ AbjCoin 0x protocol is a pluggable building block for dApps that require exchange functionality. TBA TBA Upcoming
NAU NAU Developing the core solution that seamlessly connects retailers with customers 10/31/17 12/17/17 Open
SNOV Snovio First decentralized lead generation platform 10/31/17 11/30/17 Upcoming
ATHAU AuthenticID Automated real-time identity authentication and decisioning. 11/28/17 TBA Upcoming
ZEMPA Zempa Bringing the various worlds of crypto currencies together into a patent pending unified system 10/31/17 11/30/17 Open
GET GUTS Solely designed for an honest ticketing market 11/15/17 11/29/17 Upcoming
BEE BeeQB Global infrastructure solution will allow companies around the world to accept crypto-currency payments 11/01/17 12/01/17 Upcoming
KRMP Karma P2P-interchange platform 11/27/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
TM-LNC Linker Coin Network of network 11/25/17 12/31/17 Upcoming
ANK Ankorus Blockchain Asset-Backed Tokens 11/25/17 12/25/17 Upcoming
COV Covesting Copy-trading Platform for cryptocurrencies 11/24/17 12/24/17 Upcoming
WIZ CrowdWiz A decentralized, self-governed investment ecosystem 11/20/17 12/04/17 Upcoming
MDT Measurable Data Token Decentralized Data Exchange Economy 11/15/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
MITO DAO IPCI Scaling up green economy and environmental assets trade 11/15/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
TBX Tokenbox Ecosystem for cryptoinvestors, traders and funds 11/14/17 11/28/17 Upcoming
QASH Liquid Providing LIQUIDITY to the Non-Liquid Crypto Economy 11/06/17 12/05/17 Upcoming
FND FundRequest Platform for rewarding open source contributions 11/20/17 12/01/17 Upcoming
IAC injii Access Coin A blockchain-based open broadcast of content supporting causes 11/20/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
EARTH Earth Token Environmental Sustainability Solutions in blockchain 11/17/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
JCR Jincor Smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business. 11/15/17 12/30/17 Upcoming
ALS Crypto Alias Associating blockchain addresses with aliases 11/15/17 12/15/17 Open
VRP Prosense streaming platform for sharing, enjoying and monetizing VR content 11/16/17 12/16/17 Open
BID Blockbid Crypto currency trading site 10/22/17 11/22/17 Upcoming
SKR Skrilla Esports betting platform 10/06/17 11/20/17 Open
QSP Quantstamp The Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts 11/15/17 11/22/17 Upcoming
ROOT RootProject Tax-subsidized cryptocurrency 11/14/17 11/17/17 Upcoming
BTRM Betrium World-wide sports betting 12/07/17 01/07/17 Open
UTC Dimensions Network Hybrid Trading platform 11/18/17 12/18/17 Open
Ammbr Ammbr Global Bandwidth Tokenization 11/14/17 12/14/17 Upcoming
RFR Refereum Transforming video game marketing and engagement 11/13/17 12/13/17 Upcoming
CDT Cryder Taxi platform for freelance drivers 01/01/18 01/30/18 Open
SPEC Spectre Broker-less financial trading platform 11/17/17 12/11/17 Open
ST Simple Token Building a network and ecosystem for consumer app tokenization. 11/15/17 11/21/17 Upcoming
TFT TriForce Tokens New Solutions to gaming industry 11/11/17 11/25/17 Upcoming
LC Lordmancer II Open-world MMORPG on mobile, mining cryptocurrency 11/07/17 12/20/17 Upcoming
JOT Jury Online Enables interaction between parties of a deal and its judges for blockchain transactions. TBA TBA Upcoming
CBT CommerceBlock A combination of trust minimized trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed token issuance to public blockchains. 11/08/17 TBA Upcoming
IDH Indahash Tokenize the influencer industry and create a revolution in terms of brands cooperation and their audience. 11/29/17 12/20/17 Upcoming
SHP Sharpe Capital Earn Ether in exchange for your opinion about equity markets and Blockchain assets. 11/13/17 TBA Upcoming
PRF Proof Marketplace to create, buy, and sell blockchain-based assets. 11/19/17 TBA Upcoming
LEV Leverj Decentralized Leveraged Exchange 11/07/17 12/07/17 Upcoming
PEF Prosume Decentralized Power 11/06/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
CABS CyberTrust Asset-backed securitisation for investing in cryptocurrencies 11/06/17 11/23/17 Upcoming
ENT Hut34 Project a blockchain based protocol to facilitate the open exchange and monetization of data, information and digital services. 11/02/17 12/07/17 Upcoming
GLA Gladius Protect against DDoS attacks by allowing you to connect to protection pools near you. TBA TBA Upcoming
VIU Viuly Decentralized video sharing platform where authors and users rewarded for doing things they love 11/01/17 11/15/17 Upcoming
JVY Javvy Crypto Solution Comprehensive crypto solution to replace exchanges & wallets with a single, secure Javvy wallet 11/01/17 11/15/17 Upcoming
LIF Winding Tree Decentralizing the Oligopolistic Travel Industry 11/01/17 11/15/17 Upcoming
FKX FortKnoxster Encryption as a service 11/24/17 12/22/17 Upcoming
CRPT Crypterium Everything you need in your smartphone: payments, transfers, currency exchange, instant loans. 11/07/17 01/13/18 Upcoming
REST Relest Real estate rental auction platform 11/25/17 01/25/18 Upcoming
TRV Trive Discover the Truth and Block Fake News 11/16/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
AIX Aigang Blockchain protocol for digital insurance 11/15/17 12/15/17 Upcoming
TRIP Trippki A hotel booking and rewards platform that creates a new, and better, relationship between hotels and their guests. 11/14/17 11/28/17 Upcoming
NOS Nitro Blockchain to democratise the utility of video-games economy 11/27/17 12/26/17 Upcoming

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