Crypx researches and provides basic information on many ICOs available to the public market. Crypx also produces detailed statistics on ICO projects, including community participation, social trends, influencer metrics and other objective data. Crypx’s goal is to provide unbiased information, allowing general ICO researchers access to useful analytics.

Symbol Project Description ICO Start ICO End Status
AGR Agora Agora is the first market thought in the interest of all parties 10/01/17 11/06/17 Open
AIR Airtoken Unlocking mobile internet through a blockchain micro-spotting and advertising system TBA TBA Closed
GVT Genesis Vision We unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global. 09/15/17 11/15/17 Open
CAM CamOnRoad The worldwide decentralized real time video logging system 10/14/17 11/12/17 Open
SRG SRG International loyalty program in the world of online games 10/04/17 10/18/17 Open
ACE TokenStars This is the first project to tokenize people, specifically celebrities. 09/10/17 10/31/17 Open
PRP Papyrus Advertising Ecosystem 10/12/17 10/31/17 Open
ENJ Enjin Coin Customizable cryptocurrency and virtual goods platform for gaming. 10/03/17 10/31/17 Open
MED Medicalchain Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truth. 02/01/18 TBA Upcoming
DATA Steamr Tokenizes streaming data 10/06/17 10/26/17 Open
FYP Flypme Private and secure instant crypto exchange 09/28/17 10/21/17 Open
DIGI Digi Token Digital goods & services platform 09/07/17 10/19/17 Open
BRKx BlockRx Securing the Drug Supply Chain and Preventing Counterfeit Drugs 09/21/17 10/26/17 Upcoming
REF Reftoken RefToken is here to connect app developers, with the brands and marketers that can make their projects go mainstream. 11/17/17 12/17/17 Upcoming
EDO Eidoo Eidoo is a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the blockchain and its users. TBA 10/16/17 Open
REAL REAL REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger) is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to the enormous Real Estate investment industry. TBA TBA Upcoming
DATA Databroker DAO Enabling the monetisation of IoT sensor data, turning sunk costs into perpetual revenue streams. TBA TBA Upcoming
PLC Pluscoin Mobile app for cryptocashback 09/26/17 11/10/17 Upcoming
WordCoin WordCoin Freelance service platform 10/10/17 11/09/17 Upcoming
DRT DomRaider Decentralized blockchain auctions in real-time 09/12/17 10/09/17 Closed
CTX CarTaxi World’s first operating car towing platform on blockchain 08/30/17 10/29/17 Open
CAT BitClave Blockchain for storing, transferring, and monetizing personal and business data 10/01/17 11/01/17 Upcoming
DCN Dentacoin Blockchain solution for the global dental industry 10/01/17 11/01/17 Upcoming
FUEL Ether Party Graphical interface for creating multichain smartcontracts 09/30/17 10/19/17 Upcoming
DGZ Dogezer Software development platform for teams to invest in together 01/15/18 02/15/18 Upcoming
VITO Viso VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment cards and terminals into a single environment. TBA TBA Upcoming
GRF Graft Graft is a global, open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform that anyone can use. TBA TBA Upcoming
STORM Storm We make it easier for members to find new ways to earn, engage, and advance with our gamified micro-task platform for STORM tokens. 10/20/17 TBA Upcoming
SLT Smartlands The platform for tokenization of agricultural assets and boosting development for all kinds and size of farms worldwide. TBA TBA Upcoming
POLL Clearpoll ClearPoll is offering a decentralized solution that makes it possible for the general public to vote securely and have their votes safeguarded on the blockchain without fear of having their opinion censored or misrepresented in any way. TBA 10/06/17 Upcoming
CTR Centra Our mission is to bring all cryptocurrencies together and making them spendable in real life. TBA 09/25/17 Closed
SCI Science We believe our token holders should benefit from access to a stream of new tokens from our carefully incubated portfolio companies. 10/09/17 TBA Open
NPX NapoleonX NaPoleonX ambitions to become the 1st algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors. TBA TBA Upcoming
QVT Qvolta Sell and buy crypto assets around the world for local payment methods 10/10/17 TBA Upcoming
SENSE Sense Token Sense creates blockchain based smart contracts in chat and rewards humans for the contributions they make to one another conversationally, across Sensay and other messenger applications. 10/15/17 10/30/17 Upcoming
CFT Credo CREDO is the ultimate absolutely legal way to use bitcoin and altcoins for people in their every day shopping or business transactions all over the world! 10/30/17 TBA Upcoming
HIRE HireMatch Decentralized blockchain employee recruitment platform 10/01/17 10/31/17 Upcoming
KIN Kik A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life. TBA TBA Upcoming
SIGS Spectiv A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to support a network for virtual reality adoption. TBA TBA Upcoming
MOBI Mobius Connecting every developer, device and data stream to the blockchain ecosystem 11/08/17 TBA Upcoming
MTH Monetha An efficient payment solution for merchants that enables globally trustful commerce. TBA TBA Upcoming
H2O Hydrominer Green mining for cryptocurrencies 10/18/17 11/07/17 Upcoming
TRX Tron Blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system TBA TBA Upcoming
CVC Civic Intends to create on-demand, secure, and low-cost access to identity verification via the blockchain. An ecosystem to be built is expected to reduce the overall costs and burden of identity verification-related diligence, while simultaneously enhancing security and privacy, thereby improving the user experience and disrupting the current market for such services TBA TBA Upcoming
LAT LAToken Asset tokenization and trading platform TBA 10/10/17 Upcoming
ATL Atlant Decentralized real estate platform. The services that the ATLANT Platform will provide is buying, selling and trading real estate. The platform will also provide P2P short and long term rentals while eliminating high fees, middleman and fake reviews. TBA TBA Upcoming
WOLK Wolk Ethereum SWARM-based NoSQL for Content/Data Marketplaces 09/10/17 10/17/17 Open
PRO Propy Global Property Store with Decentralized Title Registry TBA 08/25/17 Upcoming
MPK Impak Finance An online social network 100% dedicated to the Impact Economy 08/21/17 09/20/17 Upcoming
DOT Polkadot Decentralised home for diverse chains TBA TBA Upcoming
ICOS ICOBox Launch your ICO in 2 weeks 08/15/17 09/15/17 Closed
KNC Kyber.Network TBA TBA TBA

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