Started early in 2017, Crypx, Inc provides a dynamic aggregated market index, research and articles related to cryptocurrency, and objective ICO statistics. Crypx is dedicated to furthering understanding and adoption of blockchain technology to improve the world economy and reduce economic disparity across borders.

The Crypx100 (CRYPX) is an aggregate index of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization (USD). Each day, the top 100 currencies are determined by utilizing pricing data, total coin supply, and currency pair information from the top cryptocurrency exchanges, producing the most accurate index available.

Crypx also researches and provides statistical information on ICOs available to the public market. Crypx stats include community participation, social trends, influencer metrics and other objective data. Crypx’s goal is to provide unbiased data presented in simple, useful reports, graphs, and other analytics.

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